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Testimonial Chinmaya Nursery by Amish Tripathi Author : Shiva's Trilogy

Our son Neel spent 2.5 years at Chinmaya Nursery  School. His schooling there was a beautiful experience for  him and us alike- a wonderful blend of concepts  and  culture taught through application, music, festivals and  stories all infused with rich Indian values all communicated  and passed on with so much love and sincerity.  It is these values and solid foundation that  prepared him for his experience in a formal big school. As  parents, we are forever in gratitude of Chinmaya Nursery  School, Rama aunty and Padma aunty for giving this wonderful  gift of a beautiful, value-filled foundation to Neel.

Amish Tripathi - 2014

Author Shiva's Trilogy & Scion of Ikshvaku

Testimonial Chinmaya Nursery by Shri Atulchandra Kulkarni ATS Chief, Mah , ex Jt Comm. Police - Crime

Chinmaya Mission, an institution which is very near to our heart - as near as our child is. It is a wonderful experience to see my child evolve everyday, gain knowledge on various vistas of life, keeping her innocence intact. I do not know what she would be in the future - a doctor, an engineer, an artist or something else. However, I know for sure that she will be a good human being with sound set of values, mainly due to the painstaking efforts made by Suprabha teacher and all her colleagues at the Chinmaya Nursery School, Kemps Corner. I shall be ever grateful to the institution.

 Shri. Atulchandra Kulkarni - 2015

 Joint Comm. of Police, Crime, Mumbai - 2015 & Anti Terrorism Squad (ATS) Chief, Maharashtra - 2016

Testimonial Chinmaya Nursery by Prashant Tandon

My wife and I moved back to India after spending 10+ years overseas, in Britain and Canada. We were looking for a Nursery school for our daughter, Arya, which blends the best of both worlds: East and West. A pre-school where learning is valued, wisdom is cultivated and teachers are supportive; where curriculum, instruction and assessment are aligned with discipline and skill development.

Following ~2 years at Chinmaya Nursery School (CNS), we unhesitatingly recommend the institution. We firmly believe that the CNS experience has provided Arya a solid education foundation that will prepare her for the future. She has picked up moral and cultural values at a very tender age. Arya could not speak a word of English when she returned to India: now she is bi-lingual and fluently interacts in English and Hindi. She enjoys being with people of all age groups and interacts with them with warmth and affection. She is kind, curious and sees the bright side of life! She has built an indelible bond with her teachers. We are grateful to them for helping us bequeath the foremost legacy of quality education to our daughter.

Prashant Tandon - 2017
Head – Strategic & FI trading - Treasury Management  at  Edelweiss Finance & Investments Limited

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